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Remodeling and Renovation are the processes of improving or repairing a broken, damaged, or outdated structure. Both remodeling and renovating mean to make improvements on an existing home or commercial building. Additionally, renovation can refer to making something new, or bringing something back to life while remodeling tends to mean to change the structure or the form of the home or building. Projects involving renovation and remodeling require a solid design, specifications as well as flexibility due to unforeseen issues that may arise.

Gary & Melody first approached us at the Home & Remodeling Show after a relative had referred us to them as a quality renovation & remodeling contractor that shared their personal values. We spoke about their dislikes of their current Norwalk Iowa homes layout and what their end goal was to have an open and functional floor plan as well as a master bathroom. 

Whole Home Remodeling with Kitchen from Des Moines neighbor NorwalkWe first would love to introduce our clients who better tell the story of how this Home Remodeling brought their dreams to life.

Renovations & Remodels Start With 3D Design!

 Whole Home Remodeling with Kitchen Design Trace

The following spring they hired us to design and quote the renovation of their home. After a as built rendering was completed we went to work figuring out the best scenario to accomplish their vision in a way that complimented their space. 

We began by turning the stairs 90 degrees from the existing location to open up the space. The existing bathroom was eliminated to open up the space for the new larger kitchen as seen in the photo at the top of the page. The existing kitchen was converted to the dining room with a new sliding door to allow additional sunlight as well as access for a future deck. The second bedroom was used to create the master bathroom. Doorways and bulkheads in the hallway would be eliminated to allow the space to feel less constricted.   

The initial price for all the work required for the design and their selections was beyond their target budget. With their authorization we developed a plan to reduce certain items and change some methods to get them into an investment range they could proceed with. Once approved we scheduled construction to begin in a time that worked with their schedule. 

Whole Home Kitchen Remodel BeforeWhole Home Kitchen Remodel AfterThe above before & after shows an incredible transformation. From closed off hallway to a glorious kitchen. After the bathroom was removed we had to modify the roof structure to allow the existing vaulted ceiling to continue naturally. Two new beams were added to match the others and was given a coat of paint. Rustic hickory cabinets and granite countertops provide ample storage and working space. The new vent hood has become a favorite feature of this kitchen along with the recessed and under cabinet lighting. The new pantry cabinet on the right provided some much needed food storage.

Whole Home Remodel with Bathroom RenovationThe addition of a private master bath was a much anticipated feature. No more navigating the halls in the middle of the night. As seen in the above photo, the new vanities are nestled perfectly between the walls and the new linen closet. We utilized a whisper quiet adjustable CFM exhaust fan with humidity sensor and night light feature. 

 One challenge we had on this project was with moving the stairs. One of the homes sump pumps was in the landing area and hindering our required clearances. The photo below shows our creative solution to this issue. We made the final step a landing that covered the pump. The piping was routed into the walls and an access door was built into the floor. A simple recessed ring allows it to be lifted up for servicing. A vent in the riser of the landing and one in the wall ensures plenty of airflow to prevent condensation issues. 

 Whole Home Remodel with Stairway Trap DoorThe Hallway was a closed off and dark space. The slide below shows the transformation. The doorway was removed to widen the hallway fully. At the midway point was a bulkhead/beam from a previous addition to the home. We removed the bulkhead and moved the beam into the attic space to enable an unobstructed view. All new doors and trim was installed making future updates in the remaining rooms easy. New recessed lights brighten up the space and now can be controlled by each room.

Whole Home Remodel Hallway Before

We are glad that we were able to make Gary and Melodie’s dream of their Des Moines bordering Norwalk home a reality. They are pleased they chose Compassion Builders as their renovation and remodeling partner.

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