Basement Remodeling

Basement remodeling is a great way to take your outdated or poorly designed finished basement and turn it into a space that meets your needs and maximizes its functionality. Compassion Builders can turn that unsightly basement into an aesthetically pleasing space that you will be proud to show off for years to come. 

In the top photo, this client was in desperate need of space for her in-home daycare. The space had previously been finished by the seller. Unfortunately, it was poorly laid out with improper and unsafe electrical work. It had a bedroom which was illegal and unsafe due to the lack of an egress window. We all agreed that starting fresh was the best plan for this basement remodel. 

Compassion Builders can turn that unsightly basement into an aesthetically pleasing space that you will be proud to show off for years to come. 

We faced a few challenges in this basement. One of which was the existing stairway. The way it had been constructed left for a minimal landing which was difficult to navigate. Once we add code required handrail moving belongings in and out would become a major issue. It also had a window that was poorly positioned and would require replacing to tempered glass to meet current building codes. 

We decided to eliminate the window and reframe the staircase. This provided over a foot of additional landing area. The railing was crafted so they could easily remove and reinstall to assist with moving furniture in and out of the space. We adhered 1inch foam and drywall to the walls of the stair case to assist with maximizing the landing area. The space under the stairs was turned into a reading nook for the kids with a toy box under the bench. The added egress window on the opposite end of the room allows plenty of natural light in. The Lotus Led recessed lights kept the room bright and the ceiling clearance high. 

The next photo is of a basement remodeling bedroom where we encountered another challenge. The mechanical ductwork and main support beam took up 4 feet of the room. Relocation wasn’t an option.  

We solved these problems by placing the closet underneath the ductwork maximizing the closet space as well as maintaining a larger space with its full ceiling height. The duct work was refabricated to reduce its height over the entryway. We made the door swing out in this circumstance to allow it to remain a full height door which fits better with the adjoining room. The added egress window allows for natural lighting as well as a safe and legal bedroom. 

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They saved me from my basement nightmare. So glad to have a new basement.

~Lj Kearn

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