Des Moines

Des Moines is the capitol city of Iowa. Originally started as Fort Des Moines in 1851 it was shortened to Des Moines in 1857. As the most populous city in Iowa, Des Moines has become a major center for the insurance and financial industries. To learn more about Des Moines.

Compassion Builders builds basement finishing / remodeling projects through out the Des Moines Metro area.

The Photo above shows a Garage addition constructed in Des Moines. This client had mobility issues and getting up the stairs was difficult and slow. They wanted to add on a garage to allow ADA access into the home to keep them out of the in-climate weather. The challenge was the existing home was built in the 1800’s and had some settling issues.

We decided to keep the attached area small and to keep the garages foundation independent from the home. This allows for the replacement of the home in the future without tearing down the garage. The slab for the garage slopes up to the match the elevation of the house floor eliminating the need for a ramp. This Garage addition is fully insulated allowing for the space to be heated if anyone ever chooses to do so. We installed a motion sensor switch for the interior lights so they don’t have to bother with turning the lights on or off.

Dirt was brought in to change the slope of the front yard to direct water away from the home and to build up around the garage. The down spouts were piped away from the structure with pop up drains. All new side walks and drive way completed this transition allowing for easy access.

Let Compassion builders become your contractor of choice for all your basement finishing/ remodeling projects.

They saved me from my basement nightmare. So glad to have a new basement.

~Lj Kearn

Johnathan at Compassion Builders did an excellent job with our deck. Made suggestions, worked through problems and basically did an excellent job!!

~David D. Diehl

Jonathan Kaiser helped us with our main bedroom remodeling. The house was built in 1941. He gutted & replaced ceiling, walls, and windows. Jonathan did the dry wall mudding so we could paint. He installed the baseboard, crown molding, and window trim. The end result? This is the best room in our home.

~James B. Jones

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