Norwalk is a city located just south of the Des Moines International Airport in Warren County, with some small portions extending into Polk County, Iowa. Norwalk was incorporated in 1900 with Adam Stiffler serving as its first mayor. At the time, the town was one square mile in size.

Norwalk is regionally notable as having three golf courses, two of which sit amidst residential developments, Echo Valley and the Legacy.  To learn more about the area please visit the City of Norwalk website here.

Compassion Builders offers Design, Build and Remodeling serves to the Norwalk, Iowa area.

whole house remodel norwalkThe photo above is of a whole house remodel project located in Norwalk. The homeowners wanted to open up their living space and add a master bathroom to the home. A bathroom was eliminated where the kitchen now stands. The ceiling was vaulted up to match the existing and two beams were added to match the home. Hickory Cabinets with granite countertops provided a significant improvement of working area from the galley kitchen they had before. Now the area is more connected with the living room and dining room.

Bathroom Remodel Norwalk

The bathroom above was added into an existing bedroom and opens into the master bedroom. A full shower mirrors the sink location allowing a private toilet area and a generous linen closet.

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Residential Contractor in Clive, Iowa

Clive is one of the western suburbs of Des Moines. The city of Clive spans across Polk and Dallas Counties in Iowa It was plotted in 1882 but did not incorporate as a city until 1956. In its earliest days, Clive was a coal mining town in a railroad shipping point along the St. Louis Des Moines Northern Railway. The railroad depot which dates back from 1882 has been restored and the neighboring Swanson House dating back from 1911 serves as a headquarters for the Clive historical society. Learn more about the city of Clive.

Compassion builders constructed the deck in the above photo for a client in Clive Iowa. This deck is a mix of a Trex composite decking and cedar. Hidden fasteners were used on the flooring for a clean look. The section to the left of the photo was stepped down to keep the elevation low to the ground making a railing unnecessary. It was topped with this beautiful radius topped cedar and copper pergola for an intimate seating area. We removed a window from the house and added the door for easy access. Everything was Followed up with a fresh coat of paint and new gutters in this exterior remodel.

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Jonathan and his crew recently completed some remodeling at my house and installed some new doors. From the initial consultation, installation and finalization; I was kept informed of the job status. Everything was completed in a timely and professional manner at a very fair price. I would highly recommend Compassion Builders to everyone.

~Todd Wheeler

Des Moines

Des Moines is the capitol city of Iowa. Originally started as Fort Des Moines in 1851 it was shortened to Des Moines in 1857. As the most populous city in Iowa, Des Moines has become a major center for the insurance and financial industries. To learn more about Des Moines.

Compassion Builders builds basement finishing / remodeling projects through out the Des Moines Metro area.

The Photo above shows a Garage addition constructed in Des Moines. This client had mobility issues and getting up the stairs was difficult and slow. They wanted to add on a garage to allow ADA access into the home to keep them out of the in-climate weather. The challenge was the existing home was built in the 1800’s and had some settling issues.

We decided to keep the attached area small and to keep the garages foundation independent from the home. This allows for the replacement of the home in the future without tearing down the garage. The slab for the garage slopes up to the match the elevation of the house floor eliminating the need for a ramp. This Garage addition is fully insulated allowing for the space to be heated if anyone ever chooses to do so. We installed a motion sensor switch for the interior lights so they don’t have to bother with turning the lights on or off.

Dirt was brought in to change the slope of the front yard to direct water away from the home and to build up around the garage. The down spouts were piped away from the structure with pop up drains. All new side walks and drive way completed this transition allowing for easy access.

Let Compassion builders become your contractor of choice for all your basement finishing/ remodeling projects.

They saved me from my basement nightmare. So glad to have a new basement.

~Lj Kearn

Johnathan at Compassion Builders did an excellent job with our deck. Made suggestions, worked through problems and basically did an excellent job!!

~David D. Diehl

Jonathan Kaiser helped us with our main bedroom remodeling. The house was built in 1941. He gutted & replaced ceiling, walls, and windows. Jonathan did the dry wall mudding so we could paint. He installed the baseboard, crown molding, and window trim. The end result? This is the best room in our home.

~James B. Jones


The city of Grimes, Iowa was formed in 1881 and named after former Iowa governor James W. Grimes. Grimes is a suburb of Des Moines and sits in both Polk and Dallas Counties. To learn more about the city of grimes.

Compassion Builders performs Basement Finishing and Remodeling in Grimes, Iowa.

The above photo shows a project that Compassion Builders completed for a neighbor of Grimes. This client had an aging spouse that loved to watch the birds. They wanted a place for them to be able to sit outside out of the weather and away from the bugs.

Compassion builders set to work designing this Gazebo to be added into their existing deck. Upon approval demolition of the existing hot tub and its surrounding platform began.

We constructed a new lower deck matching the upper deck. A small step up into the gazebo and your greeted by the cooler temperatures from the shaded structure. We screened the enclosure in including underneath the decking to keep out the insects. A ceiling fan with a light was added as well as a receptacle. Everything was cleaned and stained to bring a uniform shade to the entire project.

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Johnston Iowa is a suburb of Des Moines located in Polk County. It was established in 1950 as a railway station between Des Moines and Perry. Johnston didn’t incorporate until 1969 and was named after the railways freight manager John F. Johnston. To learn more about the city of Johnston.

Compassion Builders works in the Johnston community building  Basements and Remodeling. The photo above is of a job Compassion Builders completed for one of Johnston’s neighbor’s. This was an existing deck that had seen better days. The floor and railings where rotted and the staircase was unsafe.

We removed all the old surfaces and the original stairs. New Cedar was chosen for the floor and railings systems for it’s beauty and natural resistance to rot and insects. Black aluminum balusters where chosen to accent the amber coloration of the cedar. We rebuilt the staircase to current building and safety codes. The end result is a deck with a fresh new look and a extended lifespan.

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Urbandale, Iowa is a suburb of Des Moines that is located in both Polk and Dallas Counties. It was founded in 1917 and was home to several coal mines that closed by the end of the 1940’s. Urbandale has primarily been a residential city had was ranked the 39th best place to live in 2007 money magazine. To learn more about the city of Urbandale.

Compassion Builders works throughout the Urbandale area providing Basement finishing and Remodeling services.

Here is a project we completed in Urbandale. This client was having new hardwood floors installed and found water damage under the window and door. We set to work to fix the damage and correct the reasons why they had damage.

Upon demolition we had to replace the wall under the window as well as floor sheeting in both locations. We set the new door and window with proper methods and patched the siding.

The photo on the left shows after the new installation. Drywall was patched, trim was replaced and a fresh coat of paint was applied on everything. This location shouldn’t have any issues for a long time.

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Waukee, Iowa is a popular growing city just a short drive from Des Moines. Formed in 1869 it was thought to me named after Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The land was purchased by Lewis Addison Grant and William Ragan once the Des Moines Valley Railroad announce it was to build a line through what we now know as Waukee.

Waukee has a deep rooted history in coal mining. The Shuler Coal Company was the largest producer of coal in Iowa as well as had the deepest mining shaft -387 feet. Many of Waukee’s residents were employed in the mines. The Shuler mine employed up to 500 people and 32 mules. 


To learn more about the city of Waukee visit 

West Des Moines

West Des Moines, Iowa is a city that sits in three of Iowa’s counties Polk, Warren and Dallas. In it’s early years it was a trading point called Valley Junction that was founded in 1893. It was home to Chicago, Rock Island, And Pacific railroads switching facilities and repair shops. It became West Des Moines in 1938 but Valley Junction still remains as a historical part of West Des Moines. To learn more about the city of West Des Moines.

The photo above shows a Bathroom remodel project that Compassion Builders completed in West Des Moines. The old cast iron tub was removed and a new tub shower was installed in a new location. The toilet was relocated to allow for greater privacy in a one-bathroom home and the sink remained in the same location. To save money, this client elected to use a tile patterned paneling to cover up the previous damaged wall surface and give it a clean look. The vanity was reused but with new fixtures. We refinished the hardwood floor with a dark stain and a bright yellow on the walls. She was adamant on keeping the medicine cabinet since she enjoyed the shape. The mirrors edges had seen better days so we crafted a frame to mimic the trim details throughout the house.

This client was elated at the transformation and spaciousness of her newly remodeled bathroom. She loved the solutions and attention to detail that compassion builders provided her on her West Des Moines home.

Are you looking to finish your basement or Remodel any part of your home, let Compassion Builders become your contractor of choice.

Compassion Builders was great to work with! They were very detailed from the very beginning. They had all the specifics typed in an agreement and the scope of work was clearly defined. They were were reliable and showed up to the project on the agreed time and best of all their work was meticulous and they left the garage cleaner than when they arrived. Highly recommend!

~Emily Kaldenberg